Biographical Summary

Sean is an accomplished and award winning photographer, who believes that everything happens for a reason, and that there is no right or wrong way to get where you are going.

 As a teen, Sean always had a disposable camera with him, and a love of art, but a lack of structure and discipline. He started to pursue an education in Architectural Engineering, but found himself missing too many classes. Sean joined the Army in 2000 and focused as much energy as he could on learning, mostly about himself. His first year in the Army was spent at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA. Then he lived in Waeguan, South Korea for a year, and then spent ~7 years living in the Washington DC metro area. Sean was a Satellite Communications Operator/Maintainer (25S) in the Army, worked both tactical and strategic communications terminals, and pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering at a few schools in DC and Maryland. The Army experience was the extreme he needed to achieve balance in that aspect of his life. He spent some time after the Army, working for General Dynamics as a Space Vehicle Operator, Mission Planner, and eventually Shift Supervisor. 

 While the time he spent in the Army, and then afterwards as a civilian contractor, was valuable and impactful in many ways, he truly missed New York and certainly missed being a creative. Sean moved back to NY in 2010, and spent a couple of years living on Flushing Ave in Brooklyn while attending art school in Tribeca. Sean is now back on Long Island,  where he was selected to do a fellowship with the Islip Arts Council by the Josephine Herricks Project. Sean likes to go on long bicycle rides and hikes with his wife, their dog, and his camera, to get and share views that many never get to witness for themselves. Sean tries to see the sunset as often as possible, is grateful for everything he has in his life, and continues to work on finding the right balance in his life, both personally and professionally.   


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